The Oakas Service Model offers a comprehensive and integrated prospectus of support to military exercises and training.

We operate across an international landscape which includes governments, military, police and global bodies such as UN, NATO and EU

The Oakas Service Model offers a comprehensive prospectus. It interprets and integrates Command intent, recognises the challenges of the future operating environment and delivers a bespoke and agile support package through the lifetime of the requirement. This is a leading edge product that can also support HQ transformation agenda and Continuous Professional Development.

The Oakas agile modular support model is a proven concept across NATO Headquarters.

As a sponsor company of the UK' s Defence Business Services (DBS) and National Security Vetting (NSV), we prepare and invest in our consultants before they deploy. This ensures we maximise effectiveness and deliver competent and relevant training support. We are an ISO 9001 company that is certified by a UKAS accredited certification body. Oakas uses innovative and sophisticated methodologies to provide comprehensive solutions that draw on a large cohort of academic and senior military associates and international experts with a world class reputation.