International Development

Oakas has worked hard to develop an operational model that can support your organisation as it works in some of the most hostile environments, providing aid and development opportunities to those who so desperately need it.

Development support

Oakas has the ability to offer comprehensive packages of interoperable solutions that enable an integrated approach to development projects. It specialises in building successful teams to deliver results in complex situations using proven management principles that fit within a clients time and cost constraints. Through its network of subject matter experts, Oakas has been forging successful relationships with interagency organisations and representatives such as NATO, the EU and other international organisations. By capitalising on the experience of a diverse network of international government, defence, security sector, industry, academic and third sector colleagues, Oakas can deliver effective results wherever you might be operating, and it can do that in a cost effective and efficient manner, meaning those results impact those who need them the most, in the quickest time possible.

Building Global Capability

Uncertainty is, by its nature, unknowable. What Oakas can do is eliminate the inconsistencies in how an organisation reacts to uncertainty. As a proven training provider that operates on a global scale, Oakas' experience in managing multiple fast-moving projects, in sensitive areas, presents a low risk/high return choice for an organisation that wants to ensure they react to crisis and uncertainty in a professional and effective way. By engaging Oakas to assist in preparing staff for crisis, a client can expect a professional team to be assembled that is already appraised of the situation, has the tools and expertise to support the client, and that is prepared to go one step beyond, to ensure the client has the knowledge, not just to react to a crisis that has already happened, but to begin to think about how to approach crises that are still emergent. By maintaining real time awareness of the geopolitical landscape through a broad network of deployed consultants and associates, we can aid organisations in the transition from reactive to proactive thinking. We pride ourselves on our agility and responsiveness to emergent crisis and humanitarian need.