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Full Spectrum Resilience

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Creating value by maximising your competitive advantage and building resilience.

Our Mission

We apply a full spectrum approach to resilience for organisations, communities, cities, regions, and nations.


We identify interdependencies and align operational activities to strategic priorities. This results in increased competitiveness, efficiency, effectiveness, and reputation enhancement.

Wargaming for
Business and Resilience

We design, develop and deliver wargames to shape, shield and sustain organisations operating in competitive markets. Our wargames are highly suited to:

  • Pressure test strategies

  • Project and insulate new product and service launches

  • Defend against rising market threats

  • Assess and anticipate changes to and knowledge gaps in markets

  • Identify and mitigate strategic risks


Wargaming improves your capacity to adapt to change and prosper in current and future operating environments.  This promotes your competitive advantage and improves resilience.

Communications & Simulation

Promoting and preserving organisational reputation requires effective engagement with the media. We comprehensively equip you for this with tailored, immersive training and simulation.


This safe environment prepares you to confidently, rapidly and effectively respond to media demands resulting from chronic stresses, acute shocks and crises.

Cyber resilience is essential for businesses to survive and prosper.

We work with you to build a strategically aligned framework that mitigates the risks and reduces vulnerabilities from a diverse range of threats.

Cyber Security Resilience

We support the development and delivery of education, training and exercises for organisations operating in complex environments. This builds, tests and validates your organisational readiness and proficiency.

Security & Defence
Institutional Capacity 

We partner with governments and international organisations to prevent conflict, build stability and generate prosperity.

We grow your capability and capacity to support:

  • Good governance

  • Effective rule of law

  • Justice including conflict prevention, and support to peace and reconciliation

  • Strategic communications and outreach

  • Security force assistance and defence services including training, security sector reform, mentoring and advice


We embed transparency, and equality, diversity & inclusion in everything we do.

We provide bespoke e-learning packages tailored to your needs.


GDPR e-learning - Reduce the risk of being found non-compliant by enrolling your staff e-learning 12 step course. View a taster on our Vimeo channel.


“We were blown away

by your presentation. 

—  Athanasios Kourniotis, Resilience Engineering Lead, Wood Group

What People Say

Established in 2008 to support NATO Command and Force Structure exercises. Oakas has an array of highly experienced personnel from across all sectors.

About Us

“The teams at Oakas

consistently deliver first class support.”

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